advantages of a container home

The container home is a recent housing type that emphasizes aesthetics. In recent years, this type of housing has become increasingly popular and one might think that it will eventually displace conventional housing.


The container home construction allows you to design amazing dream homes, what you need is just an inspiration. If you find yourself in front of a blank sheet of paper, nothing comes to you, whereas if I make a scribble; you immediately find inspiration.

where can I build my container home

The container home is the ideal habitat in order to end the neverending rent problems. In addition to being easy to build, it has many assets that meet the needs of today’s world. Everybody wants to build one, me too. Where can I build my container home? This is what we will discover in this article.

The history of the shipping container Malcom-McLean

In 2017, 800 million of these small boxes were circulating in our oceans and 1000 million in 2018, at the height of free trade. Let us see the history of shipping container and how did it become a home? A container is a big metal box used to transport goods by sea, it is the emblem of globalization and without it no exchange would occur, as we know it.

container home green roof 5

A big advantage of container homes is the ability to transform the upper part of it into a green roof, roof terrace or roof garden. By making a container home green roof, you can enjoy the entire space of your container, while offering an original aesthetic all at a low price.

container home why how

If we are interested in a container home, it is because of the financial advantages of building it. Indeed, the container allows you to take a lot of lead to a traditional building site. The container itself acts as a single wall, floor and ceiling.