Where Can I Build My Container Home ?

where can I build my container home

The container home is the ideal habitat in order to end the neverending rent problems. In addition to being easy to build, it has many assets that meet the needs of today’s world. Everybody wants to build one, me too. Where can I build my container home? This is what we will discover in this article.

Advantages of the container home

The container home is a contemporary and an aesthetic housing model, although it is not known by everybody still. Once you decide the question “Where can I build my container home” it has many advantages like being economic, ecological and practical.

Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

The price : it is the first asset of a container home. They cost about $200/ m2 in self-build and $400 /m2 in eco-responsible construction, approximately 90 % less than conventional homes.

Speed of construction: this is also one of their assets. The freestanding structure being the container, all that remains to do the insulation, electricity, plumbing, etc. once you decide on “Where can I build my container home“.

Very resistant: resistant to extreme conditions, high winds, shocks, etc.

Mobile: it is mobile, you don’t like your street anymore, you can change your street easily. Just decide on “Where can I build my container home? and your house goes with you.

Buy a building space

If you want to build a container home to take advantage of all its advantages, you need to buy a building space. You need to think about “Where can I build my container home”. It is preferable to consult the local Urban Development Plan to check not only the constructability of the desired land but also the rights and obligations related to it, before buying it.

Getting the building permit

Like conventional house construction, container house construction is subject to a building permit application. The application procedure is quite simple and easy. You can do this on your own.

First, you need to find out what documents are required to make up the application package.
Second, you must complete the file by completing the administrative forms and providing you with the requested documents.

Third, we’ll meet at the town hall to file the completed application.

After submission, your application will be processed for a period of up to one month, after which the building permit will be issued.

Request a quote for shipping container

To avoid trial and error that often end badly, it is recommended to ask for a quote for the shipping containers.

Quote for auto-construction: this quote is relatively low (about $ 1000) and it will be up to you to do all or part of the work on the construction site.

The purchase of containers is not reserved only to the shipping companies. You are a private individual and you want to build a container house, place your order to buy the container you need. It can be new or used depending on your choice. The books “Build your own Shipping Container Home, Step by Step Comprehensive Guide” will be extremely helpful in answering your question “Where can I build my container home” and in every step you take for building your own dream container home.


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